Kora Yoga is not a religion or a spiritual society. It’s not a technique or a secret mystery club. Kora Yoga is not about being strong or flexible or perfecting a pose for several months. Kora Yoga is no prejudices, no hierarchy and no competition. Kora Yoga is not about standing on your head, IT’S ABOUT STANDING ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET. A mind, body, breath connection. KORA YOGA IS ACCEPTING NO LIMITATIONS. BEING COURAGEOUS AND BREAKING BARRIERS. Kora Yoga is about being happy, being who you are now, even if it doesn’t look perfect. Kora Yoga is about BURNING YOUR PAST CONDITIONING. GETTING OFF THE SOFA ON YOU’RE DAY OFF AND GOING TO CLASS. Putting others before yourself. Kora Yoga is freedom. Sweating out your anxiety. Living harmoniously. Kora Yoga is team building. TRANSCENDING CHALLENGES. FINE TUNING YOUR BODY TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL. It’s starting the race at the same time. Kora Yoga is being equal. EMBRACING DIFFERENCE. Kora Yoga allows everyone to explore everything without judgement. Kora Yoga is strength and weakness. Your relationships, your openness, your kindness. THAT’S WHAT YOGA IS. IT’S BEING NICER TO THE HOMELESS PERSON, TO YOUR NEIGHBOUR, TO YOUR MUM. Kora Yoga is commitment, to yourself and others. Saying a good word to your local food merchant. Greeting a stranger. KORA YOGA IS SMILING FROM THE INSIDE. Finding your centre. At Kora Yoga we give you the space to unleash your power, help you connect, give you the tools for a healthy life and NURTURE YOUR MISCHIEVOUSNESS. Kora Yoga is reaching beneath the surface. LETTING GO. Kora Yoga is being who you are today, not what you was yesterday. Kora Yoga is tough, but so are you, you just may not know it yet. KORA YOGA IS DEEP. Reach the deepest places in yourself and join the revolution in evolution and evolve. NO EXCUSES. Kora Yoga is focusing on the destination but enjoying the journey. IT’S LEARNING TO LIVE WITH LESS, using what you have. Finding what you’re good at and making it better. Affirming to yourself, I CAN! Kora Yoga is making difference beautiful. It’s change and growth. AND GROWTH COMES NOT BY FIGHTING WHAT IS BAD BUT BY LOVING WHAT IS GOOD. Kora Yoga is movement of breath and stillness of body. Closing your eyes and opening your heart. KORA YOGA IS LISTENING TO OUR BODY’S STORIES. It’s embracing our imperfections. Kora Yoga is starting where you are. Using what you have. Doing what you can. If you can walk, if you can breathe, if you can push your boundaries, you can LIVE LIFE WITH AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.